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YOU came here for the Liberation & Freedom of your heart and mind!

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Setting yourself free to be You

I am grateful you found your way here. Bless you and your journey back home to YOU! You’ve likely had a full life. But, you may be searching for a deeper, more heartfelt experience filled with unconditional love, peace, and happiness.

The work I’ve done throughout my lifetime has brought me to realize there has been a very quiet, disempowering program running in the background for all of us. Since the beginning of time, humanity has been programmed and reassured by society that we are not good enough. That we are not worthy of being happy, joyful, and in-love with our lives. Religions, families, education, higher learning, medicine, society, and the economy confirm daily that we must give our power away to outside authorities in order to succeed in this life.

This has become our human condition. We don’t question it since it’s the norm. And for many of us, we’ve never known another way.

Living life as The Unconditional Human

Unconditional Humans inner-stand that true liberation and freedom lies in opening their hearts and minds. In doing so, they carry compassion for themselves and become their own best friend. They learn to connect with themselves and their inner navigation rather than rely on others for their direction. They get that it’s up to them to walk their talk. And if they get off track, they know how to get back on. They have an inner-standing that their life experience and how they feel has more to do with them and their wounding than other players in their life. Know that YOU have been innately designed with ALL you need, to be free and your truest self in this life.

The HeartWork...

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It’s time to become curious about what your Inner Child has been through and what it needs. Our inner child knows well all that we’ve been through. They are the innocence that experienced our traumas and pain first hand, and they are now our defense mechanisms that take on unworthiness programs and conditioning, so we can keep ourselves from being hurt again.

By learning to love ourselves, and reconnecting with our hearts through the heartwork, we raise our frequency and heal our child within.

Meet Kimberley Bell

Together, we will calm the struggle in your life, shift into the action that aligns you with your innate personal power and truth while creating the life YOU have come here to live. Whatever reason or method connected us, know that I am grateful your path led you to me and that I look forward to helping you step into your power!

It all begins with YOU…

Hello and welcome! My name is Kimberley and I write to you from beautiful Sedona, AZ! Since 2014 I have been guiding and mentoring people on how to unconditionally Love & Live through their Hearts. It is my greatest joy to guide people in creating their personal happiness, freedom, and liberation. I provide a judgment-free space where individuals, couples, and families can regain their personal power and discover how to heal in their lives and relationships. 

Since working with clients, I’ve also connected more deeply with the spiritual gifts that have been with me since childhood. I use these quantum inner-standings to help people release what is holding them back from their true freedom and authentic happiness!

Meet Kimberley Bell

“Together, we will calm the struggle in your life, shift into the action that aligns you with your innate personal power and truth while creating the life YOU have come here to live. Whatever reason or method connected us, know that I am grateful your path led you to me and that I look forward to helping you step into your power.”

It all begins with YOU…

The way out of this box is by offering our Hearts and minds the safety of loving compassion. Likened to taking a child by the hand. It’s time to become Self-curious about what this child has been through and what it may need. Then the shadows begin to fade, the veil begins to lift, and all that keeps us from seeing the truth of ourselves, and our lives can shift into focus. All because we said YES to reprogramming, and our HeartWork! Yes, we are all looking to feel loved, appreciated, and valued. However, we didn’t realize we must first learn to love, respect, and value ourselves rather than look to others to fulfill this.

Coaching Options

Feel Powerful In Your Life Again

Sacred Self

Healing the Separation within Self

  • Strengthen your personal foundation
  • Discover the road to peace and happiness
  • Boost your confidence & self-love
  • Gain clarity in life
  • Release anxiety

Loving Couples

Coupling through Conscious Connection

  • Strengthen communication
  • Discover mutual respect
  • Improve emotional connection
  • Strengthen compassion
  • Fall in love again

Unconditional Families

Bridging the Gaps within Families

  • Bridge the gap in your relationships
  • Define loving boundaries
  • Break codependency
  • Strengthen love and compassion
  • Create lasting change in your family
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YOU Are Good Enough!

The Podcast

Healing & Coaching

I am certified life coach, motivational speaker, author, and podcast host, my mission is to help people realize their value and worth. I believe the human condition is rooted deeply within the old fear-based belief system of “not feeling good enough!” I am incredibly passionate about helping people step forward in life with confidence and self-love, while letting go of perpetual worries and troublesome anxieties.

Maybe you’ve found your way here because you’re starting to realize your life isn’t working quite the way that you thought it would and you’re wondering what you can do about it.

Whatever reason or method connected us, just know that I’m grateful your path led you to my site and I’m looking forward to helping you step into your power.

Gratitude from Clients

Highly recommended!! My meeting with Kimberley had a lasting positive effect. I had initially wanted to seek help with a stressful work conflict situation. In addition I learned to trust my own intuition and make choices with more confidence. I feel less worried and stronger – not because the job situation magically went away but because I learned to face my own truth and feel power in that. I also feel that as I shifted my attitude I attracted more opportunities to my life. Our meeting was similar to a counseling session but a very energized, healing one because she taught me to find my own truth and personal power, which feels amazing! I’m taking better care of myself and thinking clearly about my job situation instead of just stressing. I would highly recommend her work. She pointed me in the right direction and I’m so grateful for that.


Amazing transformation" is close to how I felt after working with Kim. She was able to take what felt like an impossibly big blockage in my life and help me make it dissipate like sand in a stream. Kim was able to help me find ways to be more easy about myself, and her empathy and compassion made the work feel easy. I highly recommend Kim no matter what size or kind of issues you struggle with; she will help you find a way to make your life feel better.

Amy M.

I was so blessed to have met Kimberley in the summer of 2017. I did counseling for over 10 years and things would work for a few months and then I would spiral backwards. After just one session with Kimberley I was finally able to understand who I was and how to make changes that would stick with me permanently. My life has changed for the better and I am finally living my life with intention and a new perspective. Kimberley is so flexible and took the time to help me grow at the pace I needed to grow. I have highly recommend her to my family and friends. Take a chance on YOU and Kimberley and book a session!

Christina Z.

My life is an amazing experience. Your guidance through my healing process so far has been an incredible gift! Thank you will never be enough.

Jason R.

Kimberley Bell was a referral by a trusted family member when my relationship of 32 years culminated in a separation. My confusion and hurt prompted me to seek multiple avenues for the truth of who I am and what do I need to do to heal? Often, we want to blame others but luckily, I didn’t yet I was too focused on my hurt to ask what is my story? Kimberley helped me unravel my story and positive ways to understand and change my story. She is very attentive, a great listener and one who will hold you accountable when appropriate. Kimberley explains the vast impact that childhood has on all of us relative to relationships and healing and helps you sort through what it is that you want for yourself. Her spiritual being is calming and validating. I highly recommend Kimberley Bell as a solid and compassionate guide to help those who seek to help themselves.

Jeanne P.

What I realized through working with Kim is that I gave myself no self credit. I was always down on myself for no reason! I couldn't see the power that I had. Now I am more open, more relaxed and I have way more confidence!!!

Tyler C.