Unconditional love is the key to happiness in all relationships

Coaching For All

A healthy and happy life is just a change in lifestyle away.

When it comes to taking complete care of yourself there is no alternative. Your inner voice calls to be taken care of and heard. Through a series of coaching Kimberley trains you to capture and recognize what works best for your mental health and overall well-being. Your worthiness, deservingness of love, and happiness are concepts that Kimberley as a coach ensures you never ever doubt again.

Kimberley is focused to help you make small shifts quickly. As you experience forward progress in a timely manner it allows you to leverage that empowered momentum to transform your life, without spending years together.

Coaching Option

Feeling Powerless Was My Experience For Most My Life


In our first meeting together, we will get a clear picture of what life is like for you now. We will then gain clarity on what is not working, or what you would like to see improved, in order for you to get your life in alignment with your vision. 6 SESSIONS TOTAL / 15% Discount on Hourly Rate


How do we live/work/co-exist together and feel part of the whole? It is our human need to feel part of something greater than ourselves. However, this can present challenges in relating to others, due to our old patterns based in feeling unworthy (ie. “I am not good enough”).


What makes a loving relationship that can truly stand the test of time? We learn that by shifting our focus within the relationship

Motivational Speaking

To schedule a motivational speaking engagement, self-help workshop/retreat

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Client Success Stories

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