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Finding Peace of Mind

When was the last time you experienced legitimate “peace of mind?” When was the last time you were completely present and “in the moment?” 🧘‍♀️ 🧘‍♂️ 🤔

The present moment is where the past and the future no longer exist. This, my friends, is where a peaceful mind can be born, and where the magic in our lives can truly begin! 🎉


I clearly remember not having presence as a “home base” in my life. I know that it was downright hectic and impossible at times. 

👉How many times are we doing something, yet mentally somewhere else?  Have you ever met someone new, and they tell you their name but about 2 sec. later you can’t remember their name? 😬This is what I’m talkin about!

For years I sought out writers or self help gurus who I felt resonated with me, in hopes that I would find the “golden ticket” to the “easy life.”  The first author that spoke of the NOW moment was Eckhart Tolle in his incredible book, The Power of NOW. Eckhart wrote about his journey of accepting all that is in life, no matter how painful. He was my inspiration for trying this “living in the moment” thing.


Now, I am not suggesting that if you become a pro at sinking into the present moment, that the challenges of life fade away and that it’s all rainbows and sunshine from there….However, I dare you to practice more presence in your daily life and simultaneously, take note of your overall happiness levels, and how much easier things in your life begin to flow 🌀

My goal is to help you begin experiencing whatever level of presence you want to have in your daily life 🙌

I am a believer of small shifts, easy to integrate into people’s lives.  If the present moment concept is new for you, ideally this should be a focus, when you are either alone or somewhat alone. The idea is that you are able to fully engage for 90 seconds in the beginning. 

Integrating a presence practice into your day, 2x will be the key. Below are a few standing and sitting suggestions to get you started. Of course you can be ‘in the moment’ at any time, and in any place! 🌅


Sitting Practice – First become aware of your breath. Take 3 nice relaxing breaths. This will help clear your head and allow you to switch gears. Now become aware of how your body feels in your seat. Move through each body part and how it feels while you sit; starting with your feet, all the way to your head.

Sitting Present suggestions:

✨Sitting and listening to nature…birds, crickets, a stream, etc. and focusing on 1 sound or ‘bird call’ for 90 sec. Or spending a few minutes trying to pick out how many different sounds that are happening in your surroundings.

✨Practicing presence during the time-out or half time break of a sports game ⚽

✨Being in the sun, and noticing how the sun feels on your skin 🌞

✨Spending 90 sec. Or a few minutes, tuning into your heart beat 🫀or the flow of your breath 🌬


Standing Practices – Again, become aware of your breath, while taking 3 nice deep relaxing breaths. Begin at your feet, and move up through each of your body parts.

Standing Present Suggestions:

✨Cooking/Grilling: Spend time really watching the food transform into how you want! What does it look like in the beginning, during its cook phase and after? *If you’re sauteing vegetables, what are the different colors you can pick out in your pan? How many different smells can you smell while you’re cooking and what other foods/smells can you compare them to?

Get creative! 🥩🥕🥦🍅

✨Doing the dishes: Go present and focus on how your hands feel with the sponge, or how the water feels on your hands, etc. 🧼🫧

✨Waiting in line somewhere: Practice focusing on your breath or how your feet feel in your shoes, etc. 👟

✨It’s also a great time to practice presence while walking or running… does it feel for your limbs to move, feet to flex, or to hear your feet on the asphalt or surface? 👣How do the current weather conditions cause you to feel physically? 🌦


These truly are first steps in creating a peaceful mind and thus a more peaceful life. The more our focus goes to the present moment, the more dominion we will have over both our emotions and our chattering minds 😌🙏

When we are able to live from a more present place consistently, we experience more joy, energy and peace in our lives 🕉🕊😇



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Finding Peace of Mind

When was the last time you experienced legitimate “peace of mind?” When was the last time you were completely present and “in the moment?” 🧘‍♀️ 🧘‍♂️

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