How do we come together as a harmonious group and be profitable?

Empowered Families

How do we live/work/co-exist together and feel part of the whole? It is our human need to feel part of something greater than ourselves. However, this can present challenges in relating to others, due to our old patterns based in feeling unworthy (ie. “I am not good enough”). When we have an operating system running from a place of fear, unworthiness, and lack, we operate unconsciously and live from that place. So, if we feel this unconsciously, everything we do in our lives starts from this place. We live in protection mode, worried mode.
I need to protect myself and that which I have or have created. This is a “me,” foundation and not an “us,” foundation. So in a family, workplace or groups in general, we could be relating with others from a worried place. Competition prevails (I’m right, your wrong), personal agenda can become the focus, and insecurities get triggered!

Here Are a Few Common Challenges That Families Face:

Life has its own way of knocking families off track, Kimberley helps you make necessary adjustments that restore a healthy environment for all.

Empowered Workplace

How do we come together as a harmonious group and be profitable? You will be provided with the skill-set for personal achievement and greater workplace success. You will feel inspired to build more community amongst your co-workers, family, organization, etc. You and your team will learn how to be more compassionate for self, which then transfers into all relationships, workplace, and family. We begin by opening our minds to how we operate – what we believe about ourselves and others.

We will talk about empowering unifying perspectives.We are like colorful threads within a tapestry. The tapestry and contrast of color is gorgeous. Each thread is important. We are vastly more powerful together than seperate!  

Kimberley’s session for successful, strong team culture & communication is broken into 3 parts.

Part 1

Effective Communication powered by Fou national Overview with Techniques that highlights specific skills and understanding of topics such as listening and mentoring.

Part 2

Review, Group Assessment, One-on-One Feedback that enables each attendee to contemplate deeply and assess their own challenges and communicate to contribute towards an empowered workplace. * Includes 15- Minute Individual Sessions for expressing personal needs.

Part 3

Helping to communicate effectively through lots of practice, ensuring employees get comfortable with concepts discussed in previous sessions so they stick with them beyond the program.

Coaching Options

Free Consultation!

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