The Heart💜Work

Live At The Speed Of Love With Kimberley Bell

***Imagine you are in a room filled with thick smoke/fog. You are unable to see 6 inches in front of you. How does this make you feel? Stressed, anxious, panicky, uneasy? But what happens when the fire that’s causing the smoke calms… the smoke dissipates. Your nervous system begins to feel quieter, less stressed, anxious, etc. It is then we can truly see what’s going on within. We gain clarity on how the fire began; this is likened to the process of working with me. By doing the HeartWork, we calm the fire within. The key to all of this is your precious, sacred heart.***

‘You can’t give to another, that which you can’t give to yourself’ 

It’s time to change the program

and get to the Heart of the matter.

Pain is unavoidable. Suffering is optional. The Heart Work is a surprisingly liberating process that moves through the barriers and patterns to end suffering.

The mind is what holds us in bondage. To finally feel free and happy in life, you must understand what your mind is thinking. It’s important to get curious about your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions (what you are doing). Your actions stem from your feelings which begin in the mind – you see something, think something and act upon those feelings, all from a place of fear and protection. To become an unconditional human, it’s necessary to get curious about your mind to understand your limiting beliefs and disempowering actions.

By listening to the heart and mind you begin to set yourself free from self-imposed limitations.

This can feel scary at first, and be assured, there is nothing wrong with you. You are a product of the world in which you’ve grown up. If you allow yourself to be supported you can experience a new world, one where you like yourself, feel more confident, and receive life with your beautiful heart!

Patterns are hard to break if you are unconscious and have no idea why you do what you do or think what you think. Most of our unconsciousness is due to trying to protect ourselves from all of the pain and trauma of being human. We begin to internalize the world around us and all of our caregivers’ words, and actions from a small age – oftentimes, believing that we are the cause of their dissatisfaction in life. We learn early to be codependent and focus our lives typically on pleasing and tending to everyone else in our lives.

Live at the speed of love. It’s time to learn that life is safe and that YOU are good enough. You deserve to enjoy a life where you feel open, confident, free, and authentically YOU.

Imagine you can….

Let go of obligations, expectations, and emotional burdens.

Speak your truth to yourself and others.

Release guilt when having to say ‘No’. Do not apologize for how you feel.

Know yourself – what you need – and how to express that! Value your feelings.

Honor yourself by being unapologetically yourself.

Together, we will calm the struggle in your life, shift into the action that aligns you with your innate personal power and truth, while creating the life YOU have come here to live.

Ready? Let’s begin your Heartwork

Sacred Self

Healing the Separation within Self

Loving Couples

Coupling through Conscious Connection

Unconditional Families

Bridging the Gaps within Families

I work with individuals, couples and families to empower YOU to…

Understand yourself and your ‘why’ in life
Learn to communicate from love
Uncover your deeper meaning in life
Enjoy your relationship with yourself and others more deeply

It’s your job to value, appreciate and love yourself first.

Let's Explore

If we’re a fit to do the HEARTWORK together!

I invite you to schedule a complimentary Discovery Session with me!

Live a life of joy, happiness and peace

Most human beings are sleepwalking through their lives, constantly being triggered by everything outside of themselves. It’s NOT living. It’s survival. YOU came here to experience yourself as a master of creating your life and co-creating with others and life.

Your Heartwork provides you with the loving space to better understand yourself more deeply than before. You will have more tolerance for what used to send you over the edge. You will feel stronger and grounded within. And the most exciting part is you get to know yourself in a way you never thought possible! And ultimately, learn to love yourself, which is the foundation to the ultimate happy, peace-filled life!

Each session is personalized to the needs and goals of my clients. I integrate my formalized training and spiritual concepts into my personalized coaching to empower my clients to feel freedom in life and overcome the obstacles they face in their personal lives.